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Reduce The Consequences Of A DUI

The penalties concerning a DUI offense in South Carolina are harsh and can impact your professional and personal life. A conviction for DUI can mean license revocation, stiff fines and additional penalties that can include jail time.

I am Edward Longshore. I have been routinely handling drunk driving cases since first becoming an attorney 19 years ago. I understand our state’s criminal law system, and can handle the most complex DUI cases.

The Testing And Arrest Processes Could Have Been Wrong

The outcome of a DUI arrest often depends upon results of blood or breath tests. It can also involve the observations of arresting police officers during a traffic stop or while conducting a field sobriety test. In any circumstances, it is important to have an attorney on your side who can provide a powerful drunk driving defense.

I have detailed knowledge of the DUI process, and have extensive experience representing individuals facing felony DUI charges. I know how law enforcement officers conduct blood and breath tests. When testing is done incorrectly, I also understand how to demonstrate that the test results are invalid.

In the event a traffic stop was improper or arresting officers lacked probable cause to make an arrest, I will fight for your rights throughout the entire legal process. When retained by you, I will explore every available legal option.

Students Could Face Extra Consequences

A large portion of my DUI defense practice concerns helping local university students facing underage drinking and other drinking-related charges. This includes students at The University of South Carolina, Allen University, Benedict College and Columbia College. I understand the consequences an arrest for drunk driving can have for students. Such consequences involve more than just criminal penalties. In some instances, such charges can impact standing at the school and even lead to expulsion.

I will do everything in my power to reduce or eliminate all consequences. As every DUI arrest is different, I will look at the individual circumstances of your case to provide you the best possible defense.

Start Building Your Defense. Call Today.

When facing a DUI arrest, there is no time to delay. Please contact Longshore Law Firm, in Charleston, by calling 803-764-9608. I am available in evenings and on weekends. My office serves clients throughout Charleston and Richland counties, and provides Spanish interpretation services.

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