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Fighting Aggressively Against Drug Charges

A drug arrest can result in life-altering consequences. Drug charges can result in fines, seizure of property, including your car or motor vehicle, loss of professional license and imprisonment. It is therefore vital for you to take immediate action.

I am attorney Edward Longshore in Columbia, South Carolina. As someone who understands our state's criminal court system and has been successfully representing individuals charged with crimes for 19 years, I know what steps to take to achieve the best possible result in drug offense cases. While skilled in negotiation, I have the knowledge and resources to try your case in court when necessary.

The Types Of Drug Charges Representation Longshore Law Firm Provides

As a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer, I routinely defend individuals charged with drug possession, trafficking and manufacture. I understand the approach that district attorneys will take when prosecuting cases. This includes understanding what defense strategy to pursue.

The kinds of cases I regularly try include:

  • Possession of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and other controlled substances
  • Distribution and manufacture of methamphetamine
  • Charges related to prescription drugs and medications
  • Felony and misdemeanor drug possession, distribution and manufacturing charges
  • Juvenile drug violations

A significant portion of my practice involves college students facing drug charges. I routinely represent students from The University of South Carolina, Columbia College, Allen University, and Benedict College. Even misdemeanor drug offenses can result in significant consequences for students. For this reason, I negotiate with prosecutors to reduce or eliminate charges. I work toward finding solutions that will reduce disruption in the student's life.

Protecting Your Rights

When facing drug charges, you still have rights. These include rights protecting your privacy and to not be subjected to an illegal search.

I will fight to protect your rights. In the event law enforcement officers did not have probable cause to pull you over or search your premises, I will work toward suppressing evidence from being used against you.

Let An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Help You

In the event you are facing a drug arrest, please contact Longshore Law Firm by calling 803-764-9608. My office provides Spanish interpretation services. I also make myself available in evenings and on weekends by appointment.

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